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Natural Fruit Syrups - The Proof is In the Taste!

Natural Fruit Syrups - The Proof is In the Taste!

There was a time when the only food anyone had available was all-natural, organic and farm-fresh. Whether you owned a farm and grew produce yourself, or if you went to your local grocer, what you saw and bought was 100% natural. Labels like "preservative free” or "100% juice” were nonexistent, because if you because if the label said "orange juice” or "pineapple juice”, that’s exactly what you got. These days, with modern food production, and marketing techniques abounding, it can be extremely tricky to tell just what you’re buying. Everyone wants to make healthy food and drink choices, but what you may not know is that often the best way to ensure that you’re serving your family all-natural fruit juice at the breakfast or dinner table is to make it yourself, starting with a natural fruit syrup.


The Proof Is In The Taste


Flavor can be tricky, especially when the same food is served in dramatically different ways. If you hear the word "banana” or "apple”, you may get a flavor idea in your head and think "yeah, I know what that tastes like”, but with all the artificial flavor, additives, and added sugars in just about every "fruit” based snack or drink available, it’s hard to get a sense of just what the fruit actually tastes like. Unless, of course, you’re just eating the fruit itself, which is obviously the best way to get all the goodness and nutrition that pure fresh fruit has to offer. The trouble is that carrying around a bushel of apples is obviously not the most convenient way to go through life, and sometimes, you just want a quick drink to slake your thirst and get you through the day. For sheer convenience and ease without sacrificing nutrition and goodness, you can’t beat using concentrated pure fruit syrup to mix up some delicious juice whenever you need it.


What’s The Difference


Now, you may be thinking that taking fruit syrup and adding water to make juice is just a cumbersome way of ending up right where you would be if you just went to the store and bought juice. But If you really looked at the labels of your favorite fruit juice products you may be in for a shock. Most developed countries have strict rules regulating the content of food product labels, including a requirement to list the ingredients on any products. Those ingredient lists are often far longer than you might think they would be, and they can tell you a surprising amount about what’s in the bottle you’re looking at. Most labeling requirements dictate that the ingredients have to be listed in order from most prevalent to least, so the higher up on the list something appears, the more of it there is inside. This means that if you look at the ingredients on a bottle of what you thought was, for example, pure mango juice, and you see that the first two ingredients are apple or pear concentrate and sugar, you know that there’s more of each of those ingredients inside than actual mango.


If you start with natural fruit syrup made of pure blended fruit and simply add water, you not only get nutritious and pure fruit juice, but you know exactly what you’re drinking, and you get all the amazing flavor that nature somehow packs into all of its very small packages.

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